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The FZ PE Network started work in 2014, following in-depth audits in 11 of the FZ primary schools. Initial work for the Network included tackling some of the key challenges identified in the audit reports: e.g. increasing physically-active learning time, exploring how to better include girls in KS2 PE, and what good assessment might look like in PE. We have also focused on practical ways to bring the PE national curriculum to life, within the context of limited preparation time, small-spaces and multi-ability classes. For example, In 2018/19, we looked at how to manage difference within movement skill and invasion games using the STEPs (Space, Time, Equipment, People) framework.

The Network meets once per term, and consists of PE Coordinators from each of the primary schools. We typically host each Network meeting at a different primary school, and spend time where possible listening to how the PE Coordinator has tackled some of the problems in that school. The Network find it useful to hear the PE experiences of other schools, and we have built supportive relationships support continues among some schools between meetings.

The current focus (2020/21 and 2021/22) of the Network continues to be to on inclusion and quality, as well as sharing best practice in a range of PE issues. Post COVID, we hope to get back to visiting schools face-to-face in future meetings, watching some demonstration PE lessons, and reflecting on what high-quality looks like in our schools and how we help our colleagues to improve their planning and delivery.

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